Plan a Special Christmas Wedding

Having fun during the holidays is especially appropriate when you’re planning a Christmas Wedding. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends and Weddings are definitely events where family and friends have a great time together. We had so much fun with Melissa and Russell when Santa surprised them during their Cocktail Hour! You can find ways to use some of your favorite holiday décor items to accent the Wedding set up and make everything really personal. We have seen beautiful ornament favors that are personalized for each guest and many other sweet favors during this special time of year. 

Add some favorite holiday comfort food into your Wedding to give it that really homey feel. We love to have beautifully decorated Christmas Trees in the Ballroom and throughout the hotel.   Décor can range from Country Chic to Glitzy Glamour and it can all have a Christmas Holiday look.  Bring in some fresh greens for that night to really make every room have that Christmas tree smell. 

Have fun and be creative with your planning!

Melissa and Russel

A Perfect Fall Wedding

Katie and Luke

Katie and Luke’s Fall Themed Wedding Ceremony and Reception on Saturday, September 24, 2016 was a perfect example of colors that enhanced the natural outdoor scenery for their special day. It turned out to be a dreamy fall day with a blue sky and chirping birds at the Gazebo Ceremony Site. This Ceremony was truly special and there were some tears along with the smiles as everyone witnessed Luke seeing Katie in her beautiful gown for the first time as her Dad walked her down the aisle. After thoughtfully planning every detail to give their guests a special day to remember the Bride and Groom partied all night with their closest friends and family and enjoyed every minute of this amazing wedding.

Fall Wedding Gazebo
Fall themed head table wedding reception

Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings are some of the most beautiful weddings. Don’t be afraid to plan a winter wedding, just be sure to have transportation and hotel accommodations available for your guests. Nine times out of ten you will have decent weather but you need to think ahead just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

Winter Wedding Décor can be so bright and shiny, giving your reception that pretty crystal look that your guests will always remember, go crazy with bling! You can also do a Christmas Themed Wedding and most venues are already decorated for the holiday.  Using the existing décor can really save you money. If the venue has a fireplace, use it to enhance that cozy feeling your guests will get being indoors on a cold winter day. You can use food to set the tone also, wrap your entrée in pastry and have a creamy signature cocktail, comfort food such as Mac n’ Cheese Stations will give the guests that familiar and warm feeling of a cozy winter day.

You will find there are discounts everywhere for Winter Wedding Bookings. Most venues discount January and February and so do the vendors you will need such as DJ’s and Photographers. You will have everyone competing for your business and you’ll have your pick of venues and vendors.

Winter wedding set up
Winter Wedding fireplace

Welcome Summer!

Sometimes the most charming and lovely Wedding Ceremonies are simple outdoor events. June Brides and Grooms love to be outdoors for their Wedding Ceremony. We have been hosting beautiful, special Wedding Ceremonies at our Gazebo and our Brides and Grooms are doing photo shoots outside every week. The space can be dressed up but it can also be just simple with the beautiful view as the décor. Although some couples enjoy dressing up the space with their décor and it can be really spectacular. 

June weather is some of the nicest of the year and it’s great for the guests to be outside enjoying the view. Just make sure there is cold bottled water available for the guests as they are seated for the outdoor ceremony.

Remember, when you are planning an outdoor ceremony you need a “Plan B” in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. We want the indoor Ceremony to be just as special as the outdoor Ceremony.
We don’t want our couples to be nervous or worried about the weather, we always have the “Plan B” Ceremony set up just in case we need it for their special day. 

Sara and Lewis
Beautiful even in the rain
Ballroom ceremony set up
Indoor ceremony set up

Spring Wedding Season

The 2016 Spring Wedding Season was full of LOVE and lots of Gold! We’ve been seeing all of the latest trends in wedding décor with lots of gold. Gold or silver sparkle has been a favorite cover for cake tables this year. We’ve been seeing many brides mixing gold and silver using “Princess Lace” overlays as seen in this beautiful photo of a “Platinum” Head Table from a recent wedding in the Hanover Grande Ballroom.  

Cake table
Head table set up

Why Choose the Hanover Grande Ballroom...

Do you remember the first time you met your husband or wife to be? Or the feeling that you got when you knew they were "the one". There is a similar feeling that you have when you walk into your wedding venue. The feeling that your wedding dream is coming true. You dream it…we do it!

Everyone has a picture of what their perfect wedding day will look like. Most ladies (and some guys too) have dreamt of this day since they were little. I know that every one of you want a perfect sunny day, filled with love, laugher and precious time spent with family and friends. The Hanover Grande Ballroom is the perfect venue to have everyone together in one spot! From the dressing room, where the pampering begins, to the beautifully landscaped outdoor ceremony space, to the reception, to the after party at Bar with No Name, it’s all right here. On top of it all, you can have a big sleepover!

Not only is everything all right here, but our packages are all inclusive as well! We include the catering, bar of your choice, wedding cake, centerpieces, linens and napkins, room rental, Maître D' service and an overnight room for you and your finance the night of the wedding! The best part get to work with the warmest wedding planers around who are with you every step of the way.