Why Choose the Hanover Grande Ballroom...

Do you remember the first time you met your husband or wife to be? Or the feeling that you got when you knew they were "the one". There is a similar feeling that you have when you walk into your wedding venue. The feeling that your wedding dream is coming true. You dream it…we do it!

Everyone has a picture of what their perfect wedding day will look like. Most ladies (and some guys too) have dreamt of this day since they were little. I know that every one of you want a perfect sunny day, filled with love, laugher and precious time spent with family and friends. The Hanover Grande Ballroom is the perfect venue to have everyone together in one spot! From the dressing room, where the pampering begins, to the beautifully landscaped outdoor ceremony space, to the reception, to the after party at Bar with No Name, it’s all right here. On top of it all, you can have a big sleepover!

Not only is everything all right here, but our packages are all inclusive as well! We include the catering, bar of your choice, wedding cake, centerpieces, linens and napkins, room rental, Maître D' service and an overnight room for you and your finance the night of the wedding! The best part is...you get to work with the warmest wedding planers around who are with you every step of the way.