Welcome Summer!

Sometimes the most charming and lovely Wedding Ceremonies are simple outdoor events. June Brides and Grooms love to be outdoors for their Wedding Ceremony. We have been hosting beautiful, special Wedding Ceremonies at our Gazebo and our Brides and Grooms are doing photo shoots outside every week. The space can be dressed up but it can also be just simple with the beautiful view as the décor. Although some couples enjoy dressing up the space with their décor and it can be really spectacular. 

June weather is some of the nicest of the year and it’s great for the guests to be outside enjoying the view. Just make sure there is cold bottled water available for the guests as they are seated for the outdoor ceremony.

Remember, when you are planning an outdoor ceremony you need a “Plan B” in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. We want the indoor Ceremony to be just as special as the outdoor Ceremony.
We don’t want our couples to be nervous or worried about the weather, we always have the “Plan B” Ceremony set up just in case we need it for their special day. 

Sara and Lewis
Beautiful even in the rain
Ballroom ceremony set up
Indoor ceremony set up